• No of Canister : 6
  • No of Mixer : 5
  • Canister Capacity : 1.7 Liters
  • Boiler Capacity : 1.75
  • Heater Rating : 2.6KW
  • Water Input : Online/ Submersible Pump
  • Dispensing Rate : 4 Cups/Min
  • Beverage Options : 14
Delight Vending

Beverage Solutions

Instant Coffee

Our instant coffee is manufactured in the state-of-the art manufacturing facility which produces finest coffee,...

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Instant Tea

Delightea® is the best quality instant tea which we use it in our Machines. It...

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Coffee Creamer

We supply both Non Dairy and Dairy based creamer to fulfil the requirements of the...

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Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans are sourced from best coffee growing regions in Kenya. Coffee beans we supply...

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Drinking Chocolate

MacChocolate® is the high grade Chocolate premix that we offer to our...

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Powdered Sugar

We have best quality powdered sugar which can be used in the vending machine. These...

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Paper Cup Sleeves

Paper cup sleeves are required to serve the coffee in the paper cup when it...

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Sugar Sachets

We have both white sugar and brown sugar which are packed in both 5g &...

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Disposable Paper Cups

We supply wide range of disposable paper cups suitable for all kinds of beverages. Our...

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Wooden Stirrer

These are eco-friendly product for stirring the sugar in the cup. These are very cost...

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Delight Vending